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We represent clients all over Arizona, and we like to focus on Maricopa County. 

Jennifer Moshier, Family Lawyer

For years, our firm’s mission has been to make collaborative law available to everyone in Arizona. Family law attorneys can influence the way a crisis impacts a family. In litigation, people can be dehumanized and disrespected. In Collaborative Process, you have a voice.

Arizona Rule of Court 67.1 has existed since 2016. Rule 67.1 makes Collaborative Law available in any case involving divorce, legal separation, child custody, parenting time, relocation of a child, child support, or adoption. Families in crisis deserve an option to recover financially, emotionally, mentally, socially, privately and with dignity. While an estimated 5-10% of cases are not appropriate for Collaborative Law, the vast majority of families can use Collaborative Process to common ground for people to rebuild their lives in the midst of legal crises.

A few attorneys in our community reliably offer Collaborative Process to their clients. We suggest you check for a complete roster. Collaborative Process is the future of family law.

Trail Potter

Attended law school in Houston, Texas, graduating from the South Texas College of Law, and moving to Arizona in 2013. After a year working at the Department of Child Safety while awaiting his law license, Trail began practicing family law, juvenile law and personal injury. He has argued several cases before the Arizona Court of Appeals. Trail also volunteers with veteran’s advocacy groups and high school mock trial tournaments.

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Arizona Divorce Snapshot

Over the past five years, Maricopa County (Including Phoenix and Scottsdale) has consistently seen the highest rate of divorce filings (when
compared to any other county in Arizona). Despite national statistics showing a decrease in overall divorces, Arizona experiences more than 23,000
divorces annually


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