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Jennifer Moshier

Managing Attorney | Founder

Jennifer Moshier brings 23 years of legal experience. She has supported clients in family law, personal injury and estate planning.  When Jennifer advises you that court is a less than ideal option, it is because she has spent 23 years appearing in courts all over Arizona and California and she has studied the judicial overload, statistics and human response to trauma. The best day in court is the day you opt out of court, if that is possible. With a dedicated, consistent, and pragmatic approach, Jennifer is an advocate for clients. 


The Collaborative Process represents the future of family law. Jennifer has a deep appreciation for lessons she has learned in litigation, but she recognizes that families thrive on peace, even as they change structure. With her unwavering confidence, compassion, and strength, Jennifer is laser focused on your best future. When not practicing law, Jennifer can be found running, hiking, playing tennis, swimming, and engaging in philanthropic endeavors. 

Trail Potter


Trail Potter, a South Texas College of Law graduate, moved to Arizona in 2013. After a year at the Department of Child Safety, he focused on family, juvenile, and personal injury law.

Trail has achieved notable successes, including overturning voluntary termination of parental rights, challenging DCS severance petitions with repeated victories, and effectively representing clients in numerous family law hearings. His commitment extends to personal injury litigation. If you’ve experienced a car accident or an unexpected injury, you’ll appreciate Trail’s empathetic approach as he prepares to help you recover your losses. Beyond his legal career, Trail is deeply dedicated to veterans’ causes, having served as a veteran himself. He also generously volunteers his time with veterans’ advocacy groups and high school mock trial tournaments

Don Burns

Paraprofessional | Personal Injury Division

With 32 years of personal injury experience, Don Burns has practiced law in Missouri since 1991, in Kansas since 1993, and in Arizona since 2009. His legal journey began in the late 1980s when he represented himself in federal district courts in Missouri. Don graduated with honors in Justice Studies from ASU in 2004 and worked as a paralegal at Phillips & Lyon, a prominent Arizona personal injury law firm, for over thirteen years before completing law school in 2009.


In law school, he excelled, earning honors like the Order of the Barristers in Moot Court Competition. Currently aiding two law firms in personal injury cases, Don has contributed to settlements nationwide. When Don is not advocating for clients, he is an acclaimed photographer, with his work featured in Arizona’s guides and Phoenix galleries since 2003. Don actively supports LGBTQ organizations and resides in Tempe with his partner of 14 years and their two dogs.


Note Mr. Burns has passed the Arizona Legal Paraprofessional (LP) exam as of November 2021 and was licensed as an associate member of the Arizona State Bar in July 2023.

Navigating Family Law and Personal Injuries - Your Trusted Arizona Legal Allies

Areas of Practice

Navigating Family Law and Personal Injuries - Your Trusted Arizona Legal Allies

Areas of Practice

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Arizona Divorce Snapshot

Over the past five years, Maricopa County (Including Phoenix and Scottsdale) has consistently seen the highest rate of divorce filings (when compared to any other county in Arizona). Despite national statistics showing a decrease in overall divorces, Arizona experiences more than 23,000

divorces annually


John Larance
John Larance
If you are in need of an attorney that will go above and beyond, Jennifer is the one for you. I recently needed her services and I was amazed with her thoroughness and her drive to get things done. I would highly recommend her and her team.
Lisa P
Lisa P
Moshier law is run by a highly skilled team of 2 attorneys with solid support staff. Jen Moshier and Trail Potter make a great team in litigation and motion practice for people in many income brackets. I have observed the staff of this firm and am consistently impressed by the quality of legal services, the professional demeanors and highly responsive client focus this team offers.
Alexa Schaper
Alexa Schaper
Jennifer is a top notch attorney that I have known and referred clients to for almost 10 years. I hired her for my will, and was even going to hire her for an adoption. She is communicative, compassionate, and I felt like she held my hand through the entire process. The clients I’ve referred have always thanked me for the referral and spoke very highly of her. Jennifer is much more than attorney, if you want to hire someone who truly cares that will handle your case with the utmost integrity and professionalism, then look no further.
Lindsay Swisher
Lindsay Swisher
I have worked with Jennifer on several interstate cases and she is always prepared, knowledgeable, fair, and professional. Jennifer seeks to resolve all matters amicably, and outside of court, but is always prepared to litigate to the fullest extent, if necessary. I recommend all of my Arizona cases to Jennifer.
Jack Mangan
Jack Mangan
Jennifer Moshier showed great diligence, patience, tenacity, and smarts when dealing with the Family Courts and other attorneys. In my experience, she's always been straightforward responsive to my questions and concerns. I will forever appreciate her hard work at reuniting me with my children.
Sharon Daumerie
Sharon Daumerie
Jennifer is very professional, amicable and helps in whatever way she can. In our case she helped us trough collaborative law to stay out of court and to resolve our issues in a peaceful matter. In fact, she helped so much that we ended up saving our marriage and reconciled. Her professionalism and genuine heart to serve and help surpassed our expectations and for that we would always be thankful. God bless her heart and bless her practice!
Abigail Neal
Abigail Neal
Jennifer is by far the best family lawyer I know. Jennifer is caring, compassionate, detail oriented and sharp. I would definitely want Jennifer by my side during any family law issue. I highly recommend Jennifer Moshier of Moshier Law.

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