Filing a Petition

Filing a Petition

Before seeing a judge, you need to ensure you are prepared with the correct documents and understand the process. Regardless of whether you are represented or not, a judge will not be able to see your case or make a judgement unless all of the necessary forms are filed through the clerk on the ground floor.

The greatest resource for you will be an experienced family law attorney, however, many of the forms that you will need to file in your case can be found on the Maricopa County Superior Court Website. If you do not have an attorney, check the Court’s website for sample documents before you file anything in your case.

Okay, you and your attorney have spent hours assembling the perfect petition, filled with legal verbiage presenting your case to the judge. Now what? After you have filed your petition, the judge’s office will give you a court date as well as a time to appear. This will often be a few weeks away from the date you filed, depending on how busy the court’s calendar is. During this time, you are tasked with “Service of Process,” which is what will inform the other party that you have filed a petition, give them the date and time that they will need to appear before the judge, and tell them how much time they have to respond to your petition.

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