How Can a Father Get Full Custody of His Child?

How Can a Father Get Full Custody of His Child?


This is a real question single fathers throughout the US are asking. Before giving up on getting full custody of your children, here are the answers to the questions single fathers need to know.

Full Custody vs. Joint Custody

Full custody is more likely sometimes called sole custody. Parents who wish to fully win custody rights of their children need to understand the difference between full custody and joint custody. At the end of the day, a court would prefer to grant parents joint custody of a child(ren).

  • In joint custody arrangements, each parent shares physical and/or legal custody of a child(ren).
  • In full custody arrangements, one parent has exclusive responsibility for a child(ren).

Are Single Fathers Able to Obtain Full Custody?

Even though the courts generally consider it better for parents to divide child custody, there are circumstances where the courts would consider awarding full custody to one singular parent.

Furthermore, the courts are not permitted to show any favoritism against fathers, so if you can demonstrate that you’re better at parenting, you do have an opportunity at getting full custody. Nevertheless, you should also be prepared for an arduous child custody struggle if the mother of the child is also wanting to file for full custody.

Considerations Associated With Full Custody Rights

A parent that wants to win full custody rights needs know what to expect before court proceedings. A court will examine the following factors on establishing which parent should be awarded full custody rights.


A father that is interested in getting full custody of a child needs to prove the paternity of the child. A father can prove paternity by signing the birth certificate of the child or by conceding paternity during paternity proceedings in court.

Father’s Relationship With the Child

A judge is going to enquire into the father’s relationship with the child, before to granting full custody. The father needs to expect to respond to questions about his relationship with the child through child custody proceedings. A judge will also inquire about past routine visitation.

Child’s Relationship With Their Mother

A court will be hesitant to disrupt a child custody arrangement that appears to be working, particularly when the child’s mother is the principal caretaker for the child. For instance, a court would think about modifying a custody arrangement if the child is in peril.

For instance, if the child’s mother has a mental disorder or if the child’s mother is a drug user. A father that wants full custody of a child needs to be prepared to provide proof that a change in conditions warrants a total change in custody.

Child Custody for Fathers

A father that wishes to gain full custody rights of their child needs to be mindful that courts will typically offer plentiful visitation rights to the child’s mother, as the relationship between both parents is thought to be in the child’s best interests.

For more details about gaining full custody rights, parents need to refer to the child custody laws in their state as well as referrals about how to win child custody.



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