How to Get Custody Back From a Grandparent

How to Get Custody Back From a Grandparent


When you’ve lost custody of your children, it means a court has determined that your children might be better off with someone other than you. Perhaps your ex-spouse got custody following your divorce, or CPS removed them from your home for a good reason. It doesn’t matter the reasoning, the best way of getting custody of your children back is to persuade a judge that your home is in their best interest.

This is not going to be easy since the courts do not take alteration of a custody order joyfully. You are going to need to show convincing evidence that it’s now in the best interest of your children to come back to you.

Retain a Lawyer

A lawyer’s counsel is vital when you are dead set about getting custody of your children back. You will need to comprehend the reason you lost custody in the first place and what the courts are going to want to see prior to them returning your children to you. An experienced child custody lawyer can ascertain your particular situation and give advisement on these issues. When you can’t afford a lawyer on your own, petition the court to appoint one to you.

Request an Assessment

A knowledgeable child custody assessor is going to examine all the variables of your case, from your interaction with your child to your home atmosphere. They are going to do the same for your children’s present custodian. The assessor’s report is going to assist the court in deciding about the best interests of the children.

Address the Concerns

  • Prior to you having any opportunity of getting custody of your children back you are going to need to demonstrate that you’ve rectified any issue(s) that led to losing custody, like:
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Physically abusive or neglectful
  • Any other safety concerns in your home

Your lawyer and the child custody assessor can assist you in identifying solutions, like:

  • Finish an addiction program.
  • Attend parenting classes.
  • Attend counseling.
  • Repair the home.

After you’ve addressed the concerns, you may have a reassessment.

Adhere to the Law

Each thing you do at this time should demonstrate to the court that you are a responsible individual that cares about your children.

  • Appear at all hearings concerning your case.
  • Comply with the present custody arrangement, even when you aren’t allowed to see your children.
  • When you’ve visitation, get your children back on time.

In essence, don’t give the courts, or your children’s present custodian, any reason to question your adequacy as a parent.

Petition Joint Legal Custody and Visitation

If you don’t presently have these rights, acquiring them can be a confident initial step to demonstrate you are capable of making the correct decisions concerning your children. Utilize every visitation chance you get as much as possible. You will reinforce your argument for being a responsible parent and getting back custody of your children.

Don’t forget, the courts attempt to do what is best for the children. Everything you do should reinforce your claim that you are what is best for the children.


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