Out of Court

Out of Court

Yes. Divorce out of court. Resolve custody issues out of court. You can even legally separate entirely out of court

Who would prefer this? What’s the catch?

Not one sane person in the history of the earth shouted into the sky “I love spending thousands of dollars on someone else making decisions for my life!”

People enjoy their freedoms. No one willingly enjoys spending their time stressing over the amount of time they will get to see their children, who gets the house, am I safe here, what if I lose? By choosing to research out of court resolutions you are choosing to take the high road and prove that this one family crisis will not define you.

Not many people know about options outside of the courtroom. Between Hollywood and the horror stories your friends tell you we all have been printed with this idea that the courthouse is where all of life’s toughest decisions are made. The reality is that you can reach resolutions more efficiently and in some cases more affordably by removing unnecessary delays such as service of process, discovery and that 2 hour traffic jam on your drive to downtown Phoenix.

In this series of articles we will discuss the following options for out of court disputes:

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