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Slow down. Difficult family issues can be resolved using the Collaborative Process.

When faced with a marital crisis, many people are unaware of all the legal options. People may file for divorce when all they desire is for legal protection in times of crisis. Collaborative Process honors and protects relationships while offering that same legal protection. For instance, if a couple in crisis seeks financial or mental health resources, Collaborative Process makes those available. This method above all will keep you out of court. There is no other legal option like this.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling Before Divorce
Collaborative Process is like mediation, however, each side will have the benefit of legal advice from attorneys who will not take their case before a judge.

Over the past five years, Maricopa County has consistently seen the highest rate of divorce filings (when compared to any other county in Arizona). Despite national statistics showing a decrease in overall divorces, Arizona experiences more than 23,000 divorces annually.



Less economic cost than traditional litigation makes lawyers and the legal system more accessible. Emotional concerns are addressed in Collaborative Process. Litigants are empowered, self-directed and, if they return to court, informed.


Collaborative Process is a voluntary dispute resolution process. People in legal conflicts (divorce, probate, business) can stay out of court.

In disputes where Collaborative Process is used:

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