Terms and Conditions


Moshier Law Terms and Conditions

At Moshier Law, we promise outstanding legal services by following the rules that guide our relationships with clients. When you read our terms and conditions, you agree to the following:

No Attorney-Client Relationship:

You clearly understand that an attorney-client connection with Moshier Law only starts when both you and one of our attorneys sign a written agreement. This official contract marks the beginning of a professional legal partnership between you and our firm.

Confidential Information:

It’s crucial to acknowledge and agree to our policy: refrain from sharing sensitive info until Moshier Law specifically asks for it. This precautionary measure secures and legally protects your private matters.

Seeking Legal Services:

When you get in touch with Moshier Law, you’re indicating your desire to seek legal assistance from one of our experienced attorneys.

Our legal professionals are prepared to offer the guidance and assistance required to handle your specific legal requirements, whether related to Arizona Divorce, DCS-CPS, Family Law, or any other specialized fields.

Client Status:

Your initial contact with Moshier Law confirms that you are not a current client or part of any legal disputes. Our dedication is to maintain the utmost professionalism and ethical standards for fair and impartial legal interactions.


We highly recommend that you carefully examine these terms and conditions to fully grasp the rights and responsibilities when using Moshier Law’s legal services. Our main goal is to provide outstanding legal representation while maintaining transparency and ethical standards. We eagerly anticipate the chance to serve you within these guidelines and are here to assist with any questions or clarifications you may need. Please feel free to reach out.

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