Types of Car Accident Injuries

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are a main cause of people getting injured. In 2019 alone, just about 6.6 million car accidents got reported. Of those car accidents that were reported in 2020, about 42,000 of those led to fatalities and another 4.8 million were other types of injuries. The damages they leave behind can be significant. The economical cost of car accidents is around $871 billion each year — around $900 for every individual living in the US.

Whereas car accident injuries differ from individual to individual and from collision to collision, some vehicle-associated injuries are fairly common. This post provides a general summary of general car accident injuries. More detailed information for a specific case should always be acquired from a medical professional.

Head and Back Injuries

Head injuries are probably the most serious car accident injuries. Drivers and their passengers that get in high-speed crashes can hit their heads on steering wheels, dash-boards, and/or windows. These collisions can cause devastating brain injuries, differing from mild concussions to comas and enduring cognitive issues. Often comprehensive medical treatments and extended medical care are needed following such injuries. Head injuries can also lead to fractures of the skull, loss of hearing, and vision issues.

Back injuries are also not uncommon. Any damages to the spinal cord can cause substantial nerve damage. Patients might experience decreased sensation in and control over their arms and hands, legs and feet, and/or other body parts, whereas more serious types of spinal damage can leave them permanently paralyzed.

Another common car accident injury are herniated disks. This is inclined to be less serious than spinal damages or injuries to the head but can still cause substantial issues. Patients usually experience numbing or tingling sensations, weakness in muscles, and arm and/or leg pain.

Injuries to Neck and Chest

Most likely the most common car accident injury is whiplash. Abrupt movements of the head and neck (like getting hit from the rear) can cause severe neck muscle and ligament damage. These injuries can vary from individual to individual, subject to the accident and the health of the individual involved in it. General neck pain and swelling is also somewhat common. It is also not unusual of for patients to undergo temporary vocal cord paralysis following a car accident.

A lot of serious injuries are associated to trauma impacting the area of the chest. Blunt force trauma from car accidents can be the cause ribs being broken and lungs collapsing. Individuals with heart issues can also go into painful cardiac arrest from the accident. Internally bleeding in the area of the chest can be a critical issue after an accident. Internal organs damage, damage to the pelvis, and the abdomen can also happen. These types of injuries require prompt medical attention.

Other Car Accident Injuries

Injuries sustained to the arms and legs, feet and hands are somewhat normal. Accidents involving pedestrians can sustain foot and leg damages, in addition to all those afore mentioned.

Motorcyclists involved in a car accident can suffer considerably more severe and more numerous injuries. These can comprise of broken bones, ligament damage — like a torn ACL — and possibly severed limbs. The mortality rate for motorcyclists is also considerably higher than that for drivers and their passengers in cars.

One other common injury after a car accident is emotional strain. Individuals are usually drivers or riders in a car with passengers. Serious car accidents can leave emotional scars on those that endured serious injuries in addition to those that witnessed them. Therapy and treatment for PTSD and comparable psychological injuries is somewhat common.

Suffered a Car Accident Injury? Get Legal Assistance

When you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, think about getting a hold of an experienced car accident attorney near you. An attorney can assess your case and assist you in understanding if you are owed money to cover the costs due to your injuries.


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