Divorce? Not So Fast.

Slow Down. Difficult Family Issues Can Be Resolved Using The Collaborative Process. Explore Divorce Process in Phoenix Arizona

Divorce affects Christians and churches too. Christians facing marital problems may seek divorce for only one reason: They don’t know how to protect their legal rights. Divorce process in Phoenix Arizona can be difficult. People facing addiction, infidelity, abuse or other harrowing situations may want to explore reconciliation, but fear they have no other option but to file divorce papers. Lawyers may encourage a divorce filing to lock down important legal rights. Without intervention, Christians won’t easily find lawyers to support Christian values. Collaborative Process puts the married couple in the driver’s seat, while lawyers, pastors, counselors, and financial experts help navigate.


Collaborative Process is like mediation, but each side has an attorney whose highest goal is a peaceful resolution. Think of Collaborative Process like a “holding place” for a family. Collaborative Process offers legal protections to Christians in times of marriage crisis, without sending them straight to divorce. Many families that could be spared will go straight to divorce in 2018 without ever knowing this option. Help spread awareness about Collaborative Process so marriage has a chance. Reconciliations can and do happen in Collaborative Process. Call us today to know more about the Divorce  Process in Phoenix Arizona.

Divorce Process in Phoenix Arizona, What can we do?

Together we can disrupt the divorce process. We can help Christians explore every option while protecting legal rights. Reconciliations can happen, but if reconciliation is not a possibility, Collaborative Process keeps the peace. Collaborative Process conserves family resources, gives children a voice in proceedings and encourages cooperation. Divorcing parents can be creative in their legal agreements. From finding ways to get their kids to church every weekend to ensuring the resources for important family goals, Collaborative Process offers legal advice – without the courtroom. Explore Collaborative Divorce Process in Phoenix Arizona.

The only people who benefit from lawsuits are lawyers. I think we made a couple of them rich. – Gavin Rossdale
Over the past five years, Maricopa County has consistently seen the highest rate of divorce filings (when compared to any other county in Arizona). Despite national statistics showing a decrease in overall divorces, Arizona experiences more than 23,000 divorces annually.
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