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If you are searching for “Divorce Lawyers” or “Divorce Attorneys Near Me” in Phoenix, Moshier Law can help! Moshier Law can help with many different types of divorce including uncontested divorce, contested divorce, divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, legal separation, counseling, and more.

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At Moshier Family Law we can advise and protect you in regards to: Divorce and asset division, custody of the children, child support, child visitation, marital home and real estate affairs, allotment of investments, any retirement savings, or pensions, personal properties, valuables, automobiles, business help, spousal maintenance and alimony payments, and debt division. To find out more about how our divorce attorneys can help with your case, schedule your initial case assessment today.
Uncontested Divorce in Phoenix or Scottsdale

Uncontested divorce in Phoenix or Scottsdale basically means both agree on each divorce-related issue. Each state has fixed legal requirements that have to be reached before a couple can continue with an uncontested divorce. You might want to meet with a local attorney or find your local courthouses’ website for your state’s stipulations.

Even though you have to meet these specific requirements, an uncontested divorce is often a lot less hassle than a contested divorce due to the fact each spouse can end their marriage without continuing negotiations, legal posturing, and regular court hearings. As a result, an uncontested divorce typically means lowered stress and a lot less legal fees.

Nevertheless, divorcing spouses need to be peaceful and able to work together toward mutually agreeable affirmations. You both must be willing to come to an agreement in order to resolve all your divorce disagreements. Even though working with your future ex to settle key financial and child-related issues may seem difficult at times, but it’s one way to end your marriage without going through an all-out court battle.

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Contested Divorce in Phoenix or Scottsdale

A contested divorce in Scottsdale is just what it sounds like: one or both spouses can’t agree on some issues, and they will fight and litigate parts of their divorce. This kind of divorce takes a lot longer to complete and typically involves more stress and significantly higher legal fees and costs.


During the discovery and pretrial settlement phase, a lot of spouses are unable to resolve all challenging issues. The divorce judge may suggest the spouses work things out, but when that doesn’t happen the next step is a complete evidentiary trial and divorce court.


Throughout the trial, both spouses will introduce and call their witnesses, and their attorneys will cross-examine them and then submit their closing arguments. After the trial is over, the court will issue a closing order and judgment commemorating the judge’s decisions and finalize the divorce.


Divorce— particularly ones that are contested—are usually complicated. Spouses in a contested divorce should definitely speak with a divorce lawyer who can counsel them of their legal rights and guarantee they are adequately protected to get the most of their share of the marital estate.


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Collaborative Divorce in Phoenix or Scottsdale

In stark comparison to conventional litigation, collaborative divorce in Phoenix or Scottsdale mitigates disputes for couples by solving the issues instead of trying to “win” in court. To put it simply, couples arbitrate and mediate to come to an agreement with the assistance of collaboratively trained attorneys and other professionals. For this to work, each party needs to be flexible to agree to move the case to the collaborative process. This process allows you to save time and money and come to an agreement that works for both parties.

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Divorce Mediation in Phoenix or Scottsdale

Divorce mediation is a type of divorce process that enables couples to resolve common divorce issues with the assistance of a knowledgeable third-party divorce mediator. A divorce mediator is a neutral third-party that expedites legal negotiations between spouses who are ending their marriage. If you and your spouse can’t come to compatible terms on your own, you may need the services of a divorce mediator. A lot of mediations are attended with legal counsel for both sides. If you are considering hiring a divorce mediator in Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona, Mosier Family Law can help. Divorce mediation keeps you in control of your divorce terms. You will never have to go to court! Our divorce mediation process is private, affordable and easy. Our experienced Phoenix or Scottsdale divorce mediators will guide you through the whole process.

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Legal Separation

When a marriage is in crisis, divorce may sometimes seem like the only option. Legal Separation is a way to obtain legal protection without fully committing to divorce. This is a good option for couples who are still trying to figure out their next steps and is especially appreciated amongst people of faith.


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Do You Need an Aggressive Divorce Attorney in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

Subject to their circumstances, both men and women might need an aggressive divorce attorney. For example, we have a lot of women tell us that their husband knows people and they are scared their divorce lawyer will be out-lawyered. On the other hand, we have a lot of men who don’t want to share custody and require an aggressive attorney.


“Aggressive Divorce Attorney” is an expression used to describe divorce lawyers who are unrelenting at getting what their client wants out of their divorce. There are a lot of people that actually call attorneys looking for a “pit bull” or “bulldog” divorce attorney. Nevertheless, judges don’t necessarily like aggressive attorneys. Sometimes overly aggressive attorneys in the courtroom can be the fastest way to lose your case.


You want your experienced attorney to be liked by the judge. Hiring an aggressive divorce attorney may not help your case. Instead hire a creative, responsive and proactive attorney like Moshier Law, located in Scottsdale, who can help with your divorce. We sincerely listen to what matters to you and try to find sensible solutions to your situation.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Phoenix or Scottsdale?
The average cost of a divorce in Arizona is $20,000. This cost is to have a lawyer petition your divorce. The costs of divorce with a lawyer can range anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000 per spouse when including fees for such things as expert witnesses. Hiring a divorce lawyer in Arizona, especially Phoenix or Scottsdale, can cost upwards of $550 per hour. When looking for cheaper alternatives, the average divorce cost without a lawyer is $577. Collaborative divorce can also be a more affordable alternative with costs around $10,000 per spouse. *Disclaimer – These fees are continually changing, and these are not actual quotes. If you need an experienced divorce lawyer contact Moshier Family Law and begin your initial consultation.
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Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Consultations in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Moshier Law should be your first choice for when you need the best collaborative divorce lawyers in Scottsdale, or Phoenix, Arizona. Our experienced family law attorneys will work with you to get the best possible outcome. You can trust us to represent you fully so you can get on with your life. Call today for an initial consultation!


We can protect and advise you regarding: Divorce and property division, child custody, child support, legal guardianship, child visitation, marital home and real estate matters, allocation and valuation of investments, businesses, practices, retirement savings, pensions, personal possessions, valuables, vehicles, closely held businesses, alimony and spousal maintenance, and debt division. To find out how our divorce attorneys can help your matter, schedule your initial case evaluation today.