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For years, our firm’s mission has been to make collaborative law available to everyone in Arizona. Family law attorneys can influence the way a crisis impacts a family. In litigation, people can be dehumanized and disrespected. In Collaborative Process, you have a voice.

Arizona Rule of Court 67.1 has existed since 2016. Rule 67.1 makes Collaborative Law available in any case involving divorce, legal separation, child custody, parenting time, relocation of a child, child support, or adoption. There is no good reason why our community should not offer families in crisis an option to recover financially, emotionally, mentally, socially, privately and with dignity. While an estimated 5-10% of cases are not appropriate for Collaborative Law, the legal community can advocate for our clients while finding common ground for people to rebuild their lives in the midst of legal crises.

A few attorneys in our community reliably offer Collaborative Process to their clients. Collaborative Process is the future of family law. We hope the future arrives early.

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Finding the right mediator can be difficult.


Divorce and Family Law

When a case demands litigation, you’ll have the benefit of 19 years of litigation experience in California and Arizona. But when a case demands collaborative law, or mediation, we can meaningfully describe why collaborative law or mediation may or may not be your best option.

Moshier Law services all of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. Jennifer and her team of professionals seek to resolve Family Law cases efficiently with your goals in mind.

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