What is a Non-Custodial Parent?

What is a Non-Custodial Parent?

A non-custodial parent is one that doesn’t have physical custody of their children. It needs to be noted, nevertheless, that it’s feasible for a non-custodial parent to have legal custody, although they don’t have physical custody. Additionally, a lot of non-custodial parents adore generous visitation rights, pay child support, and are engaged actively in their children’s livelihood.

Mythos About Non-Custodial Parents

The following are 5 common beliefs about non-custodial parents that aren’t totally valid.

Non-Custodial Parents Are Deadbeats

Even though it does occur, it’s unusual for a custodial parent owing child support to a non-custodial parent. Consequently, of the people that owe child support and decline to pay (thus giving themselves the name of “deadbeat”) a large part happen to be non-custodial parents. Nevertheless, it is totally erroneous to say that non-custodial parents, overall, are deadbeats that decide not to pay their child support. There are many engaged, loving, non-custodial parents out there that pay child support routinely each month.

Every Non-Custodial Parent is a Father

According to single parent numbers, a lot of non-custodial parents are men. Nevertheless, more and more courts are acknowledging the significant role single fathers play in their children’s lives and are more inclined to grant sole custody and/or joint custody to them.

Non-Custodial Parents Are Not Engaged in Their Children’s Lives

One other widely believed myth. A lot of non-custodial parents work exceedingly diligent to be engaged in their children’s lives because the time they share together is short lived.

Non-Custodial Parents Are Not Thought of a Single Parents

Admittedly custodial parents typically bear the weight of the work it takes to bring up children by themselves, including the requirement to provide food, a place to live, clothing, schooling, and medical care. Nevertheless, when non-custodial parents have their children for overnight stays or longer visits, they are certainly single moms and dads, working just as diligently to provide the care their children require as an ordinary custodial parent would.

Non-Custodial Parents Willingly Renounced Custody

This is one other widely believed myth that is simply not true across the board. Yes, many non-custodial parents did willingly renounce custody. Many decided not to be engaged in their children’s lives, whereas others lovingly gave up physical custody since they truly considered it was in best interests of their child to live in one home, instead of going back and forth.


  • Stay engaged! Your children need you, but even when they don’t show it, they still want you around.
  • Be patient. Still trying to cope your relationship with your ex? Healing needs patience. Just because things are challenging now doesn’t mean its always going to be hard.
  • Devise a visitation plan and stay with it. Prove your trustworthiness by staying with the schedule you both agreed to, even if doing so might be difficult or untimely.
  • Remain hopeful. Even when you have been denied custody, you might be able to appeal your case and/or file again later on.
  • Encompass yourself with people that care. particularly when you’ve been denied a custody petition by the courts, you’ll want to encompass yourself with people that care and that are going to listen as you share your anguish and frustration.



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